New products to promote good health and well-being! 

If you serve or offer juice at your hotel, restaurant, or other hospitality business, we’re excited to introduce you to two new products from Oranka that we think your customers will love right now.


When it comes to keeping people safe in a global pandemic, we’ve all done our bit over the last 12 months, and that includes Oranka with their brilliant Stay Safe Adaptors. These adaptors can convert your usual juice tap into a contactless tap, so you can continue to let your guests and customers help themselves in a much safer way that reduces contact and encourages social distancing.


What’s more, there has also recently been a huge shift towards healthy lifestyles, which is where Oranka’s Orange Juice + Protein drink - called Frezz - comes in. Frezz provides many of the essential nutrients we all need every day and is perfect for people looking for a protein-rich lifestyle, not to mention older people who continue to need more protein as they age.


So, with Stay Safe adapters and protein-rich juice, Oranka is definitely one supplier to engage with if you want to provide an even better experience for your health-conscious customers and guests.


To read more about each product, click the relevant link below. Alternatively, contact our Customer Support team to find out how you can open an account.