Whether your hotel was a quarantine location or has been running with only a few staff member for weeks on end: when it’s time to welcome back your guests, you want to be extra certain that it’s safe.


The pandemic has created widespread awareness about the role of cleaning in preventing the spread of infections. At a time when people are fearful to enter facilities and interact with others in close quarters, businesses must adopt new methods of cleaning. That's why Beacon supply partner Diversey, has put together a suite of cleaning advice sheets that will help you lower the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a healthy, welcoming environment for staff and guests alike. 


As more businesses reopen and encourage people to visit their facilities, a clear and different approach to cleanliness is required. Gone are the days of “good enough” and simply cleaning for appearance. Employees and customers now demand more and following these comprehensive step-by-step guides will help you achieve this.


Guidance on cleaning operations before opening and following Enhanced Operating Procedures.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning procedure tips that go above and beyond general cleaning protocols

High Touch Points

Lower the risk of cross-contamination, by disinfecting key areas and materials.


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