Navigate Natasha’s Law with B-Online from Beacon

If your business involves pre-packing food on-site for direct sale, you’ll probably already be aware that the UK Food Information Amendment, or Natasha’s Law, will come into effect this October. It will mean that you’ll need to begin providing a full list of ingredients and allergens when labelling your foods - and if you don’t do this already, now is the right time to make sure you’re able to comply with this new legislation.


What you might not know is that B-Online, our automated online ordering and labelling platform, can help you navigate Natasha’s Law. To begin with, being able to accurately label your products can give you enormous peace of mind as it eliminates the chance of human error. And better still, B-Online's ordering functionality is completely FREE to use for Beacon customers, with only a small charge for the allergen add-on.


Even if you don’t need all of the features of B-Online, you might still need some support and guidance around Natasha’s Law - and we’re here to answer any questions you have about how it might affect your business. Find out more about B-Online by clicking below. Alternatively, to discuss setting up access to the platform, get in touch via Live Chat.