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Boost your efficiency and your profits with 


Innovative hospitality software that can be tailored to your taste

At Beacon, we can do much more than simply introduce you to a huge directory of suppliers. We can also help you boost your efficiency and your profits with B-Online, our state-of-the-art E-procurement system.


B-Online offers an incredibly convenient and intuitive online ordering experience, which makes it much easier for you to control your operating costs. It enables you to access, interrogate and act on live operating and trading data to build detailed insight into your business. It can put intelligent systems and processes at your fingertips to help you work more efficiently. And because you’ll spend less time on admin tasks, you’ll save money and drive up profit.


You can make the most of B-Online in one of two ways…

1) A ready-to-go online ordering platform

Every Beacon customer can use B-Online as a comprehensive, ready-to-go online ordering platform completely free of charge. And the benefits are huge.


Put simply, it gives you the ability to create orders from your Stock Location Sheets and transmit them to directly to suppliers. Suppliers can then either confirm your order, or update it if products are out of stock, and the platform will automatically generate delivery receipts, credit note requests, and more.


More functionality for minimal cost


You can also choose to upgrade the way you use B-Online as an ordering platform for a low monthly cost. Upgrades include:


  1. Enhanced Stock and Profit Management Module - Receive and process EDI Invoices, export purchase invoices in CSV format, manage internal stock transfers, and approve orders from your mobile.

  2. Recipe Module - Get access to a Central Recipe Bank for costed recipes with allergen and nutrition data, to help with compliance and make sure you’re ready for upcoming initiatives like Natasha’s Law.

  3. Finance Module - Discover more control over cash sales, credit sales, cash purchases, budgets, and profit reporting.

  4. EPOS Integration: Import sales from your own EPOS to make the most of advanced theoretical reporting.

  5. Employment & HR Module - Manage staff records, rotas, absences, timesheets, head office changes & alerts, new starters, holidays, and much more.

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2) A full-featured Procure to Pay (P2P) solution

B-Online can also deliver a full Procure to Pay solution that connects your entire organisation’s spend—from sourcing and requisitions to invoicing and payments.


One of the biggest benefits of a Procure to Pay system is that most processes, from invoice data capture to approval, are fully automated. This eliminates errors, saves time, and offers increased visibility and control over your organisation’s corporate spend.


What’s more, B-Online can integrate into virtually any daily workflow or routine, which means you and your team can be up to speed quickly with minimal training.

Find out more about B-Online now

If your business could benefit from online ordering, better order management, enhanced reporting, greater financial control, and much more, our B-Online platform could be exactly what you need. And, remember, every Beacon customer can use it completely free of charge for online ordering.


To register your interest in B-Online and find out more about the difference it could make to the way you work, tell us more about you and your business now.

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