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We're Beacon

Maximising Profits for our Partners

A leading purchasing group specialising in the hospitality industry. We’re part of Interchange & Consort Hotels, home to Best Western, and we connect more than 2,000 customers with around 200 suppliers across 65 categories. Right now, we’re helping both our customers and suppliers take the first tentative steps towards post-COVID-19 recovery, as we focus on getting back to business and turning our new normal into an exciting, bright new future.


With social distancing rules and enhanced standards of cleanliness and hygiene in full force, we know many of you have adapted to this new normal to ensure your guests have a safe and secure stay. That’s why, Beacon has put together a collection of ‘back to business’ essentials, specifically compiled to help you during this post-pandemic recovery period and beyond. 


From PPE and signage that will boost customer confidence, through to room service menus to satisfy and delight, Beacon has proactively worked with their suppliers to provide you with great deals and discounts for all your operational needs.

Click this link to access the brochure and ensure you have everything you need to open safely and securely.

Bidfood have put together a guide for a Christmas done differently in hospitality. Click here to see their 12 tips.


Enhance customer safety AND confidence with PPE from our new supplier, Commercial. View price list.


Find out more about our tasty and convenient room service menus created in conjunction with Bidfood.



Turning the new normal into a bright new future

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The effects of COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions have had a major impact on the hospitality industry, find out how we've been supporting our customers throughout the pandemic.


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